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Folks Finance is the leading capital markets protocol built on top of the Algorand blockchain. The protocol offers decentralized services of borrowing and lending in a permissionless way. Through the deposit operations, Folks users can lend liquidity, and start earning a continuous economic return instantly. Through the borrowing operation, the users can request crypto loans by locking deposited funds as collateral.
Folks Finance is the result of extensive research and engineering conducted by the team, also supported by specialized partners, aiming to build a secure and accurate new financial system, centred on empowering the users and giving them the highest flexibility on their loans position as never before on DeFi lending.

Why Folks Finance

The need to scale and improve the obsolete decentralized lending industry has brought the development of this unique and innovative protocol.
Designed for the soundness of the protocol in the long term, Folks Finance has a unique incentive system that rewards only "good users" in a sustainable way. Moreover, thanks to the rewards aggregator the protocol enables external users/protocol to incentivize specific Folks Finance's pools with the asset desired. Therefore, the protocol is able to distribute multiple incentives and also to limit the "Earn&Dump". The protocol gives the possibility to vest rewards to earn more but slower.
To guarantee the users' security the protocol code has been audited three times. Moreover, the economic soundness has also been well tested, through an extensive partnership with a specialized company. Folks Finance has a unique way of defining the loan parameters. Every crypto pair collateral/borrowable asset is being tested and simulated before defining the relative threshold and parameters. All to ensure the lowest risks for the users.
Following the environmental Algorand strategy, titled as the greenest blockchain, Folks Finance collaborates with ClimateTrade, commiting to buying the corresponding amount of carbon credits that allows ClimateTrade to offset the protocol carbon footprint.
Since day zero Folks Finance has been built with the imperative of making the easiest and most user-friendly platform on the market. On Folks Finance users can deposit, borrow, provide liquidy and trade rewards in a very easy and flexible way.
The name says everything. Folks Finance is the finance for the "Folks". So, Folks Finance decided to distribute more than 50% of its governance token, FOLKS, supply to its community.
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