🚜Lending Pools

Composing DEX & Lending for Higher Capital Efficiency

Lending Pools are an innovative tool made in collaboration with Tinyman and Pact.fi. Lending pools allow liquidity providers to accrue yield from Folks Finance's lending pools and liquidity pools on a DEX at the same time by increasing the efficiency of deposited assets.

Lending Pools are DEX pools comprised of interest-bearing assets. If you use Lending Pools for ALGO-USDC, you will receive:

  • The interest from the ALGO deposit on Folks Finance.

  • The interest from the USDC deposit on Folks Finance.

  • The swap fees from the DEX pool.

This innovation will grant deeper liquidity, greater TVL and higher yield.

How to Start with Lending Pools?

Lending pools on PactFi

Lending pools on Tinyman

  1. Go to app.folks.finance and choose a pair of tokens to deposit in Lending Pools.

  2. After you click Deposit, you will be redirected to Pact or Tinyman.

  3. Choose the amount for providing liquidity.

If you’re new to Folks Finance, start at the Academy.

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